Marketing Your Home

Once you have decided to sell your home you have to make the decision - Do I sell the home myself or do I hire a Realtor. Statistically 90% of all for sale by owners eventually list with a Realtor. Primarily, the reason is the Realtor has many more tools in their marketing tool box than does the typical homeowner. Most homeowners sell their home every 5-10 years while Realtors sell homes every day so they are more aware of the legal issues and potential pitfalls in closing the sale. The decision has to be made as to whether the commission saved is worth the headaches and possible future legal issues that may arise from selling your home by yourself.

Whether you hire a Realtor or sell by yourself you need to develop a marketing plan, and at a minimum the marketing plan should entail the following:

When you hire a Realtor all of above is done for you plus much, much more. Some of the tools in the Realtor 's marketing kit include: