Staging Your Home

Preparing your home for sale involves doing any repairs and improvements that will add value to your home and increase the likelihood that your home will sell quickly for the best and highest price possible. It also involves putting your home in the best light so that a buyer prospect will be able to picture themselves living in your home.

Repairs, Maintenance and Improvements:

Properly preparing your home for sale is a very important decision and costs can range from a minor amount to thousands of dollars. Each property type, neighborhood, location, condition of your property and the current market conditions should determine which repairs are necessary and what changes will make the most difference in your overall net proceeds as well as the time required to close the sale. Homes that are in excellent condition may just need to focus on clutter, cleanliness, odors, lighting and removing excessive personalization. For properties that are not in excellent condition you may need to determine a repair budget to repair plumbing and electrical issues, roofing, painting, flooring, landscaping and other items that will likely leave the buyer feeling like your home has deferred maintenance and has not been well cared for. Major investments may be necessary in kitchens, bathrooms and landscaping, but should be analyzed financially to make sure these improvements are going to provide a commensurate increase in your net sales price.

Some simple minor repairs and upgrades include:


When staging your home for sale you want to give the home buyer as much of a blank canvas as possible so that they can see themselves living in the property. The home seller should pay special attention to the following: